Creativity for the Common Good

Founded in 1991 by Andi Ashworth and Charlie Peacock (Ashworth), the Art House in Nashville, Tennessee, quickly emerged as a unique artistic hub for rich hospitality, conversations of consequence, and imaginative creativity. For twenty-four years, a 100-year-old renovated country church was their home and the primary setting for their work as Founders and Executive Directors of what became Art House America, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Since 2010, the work has grown to include additional Art House locations in Dallas and St. Paul, carrying on the Ashworths' original vision of promoting creativity for the common good and nurturing people looking to explore an artful, faithful life.


Art House North

Art House North in St. Paul, Minnesota was founded by the husband and wife team of Troy and Sara Groves. Under their direction Art House North facilitates a number of events including artist response evenings, theatrical productions, community partnerships, and artist care.


Art House Nashville

In 2016 Art House America welcomed new directors, Nathan and Cassie Tasker, to help Art House Nashville remain at the heart of advocacy for imaginative creativity. The Art House has enjoyed a long history of hosting thousands of people from every vocational sphere: students, artists, writers, caregivers, academics, theologians, cultural investors, and leaders in the entertainment industry.


Art House America

Art House America and its literary blog promote the vision of a seamless life of Christian discipleship and imaginative living, with an emphasis on communicating the worth and necessity of all vocations, the promotion of people and earth care, the grateful enjoyment of life and an honest acknowledgement of its sorrows.