Mandy Rogers | Visual Artist

Bio: Mandy Rogers is an abstract painter residing in Dallas, Texas.  She began painting two years ago as a way to release emotion and discovered an ability to connect with people from all walks of life.  She found that clarity of speech did not come from how well or often she spoke, but rather came most articulately through her paintbrush. Mandy's hope in viewing her work is that you might be reminded you are not alone and grace abounds.  She currently has a studio out of the Mill Street House in the heart of Lewisville, Texas.

Favorite Dallas HangoutDavis Street Espresso
Favorite PainterEmily Jeffords

Favorite thing to listen to while you’re painting? It changes depending on the painting– for the last series I did it was the Les Miserables Soundtrack

AHD: You have been part of the Art House Dallas community for a long time now. How has being part of a creative community impacted your creative process?

MR: It’s hard to even begin answering this simply because the influence has been so profound.  I began coming to Art House events when I first moved to Dallas in 2013.  At that time I was still working at a Landscape Architecture firm keeping all my paintings hidden under my bed.  I actually think Marissa, who serves as the Programs Director, was the first person to affirm me as an artist and encourage confidence in my abilities.  Coming to Exchanges, taking part in the Visual Arts programs, and now Origin has provided some of the most supportive and strengthening times within my career.  The friendships made here and love for the arts has truly opened doors and created opportunities for me to pursue art more fully and passionately than I have ever known before.


AHD: You recently launched a new subscription service for your current series Here I Lay. How did you come up with this idea? 

MR: This idea was actually presented to me by Eric Bowman, who designed my website.  Eric works to build your business through the foundation of your values and core beliefs.  He presented the idea as a way for me to further my connection with my clients as well as create a sustainable business model that services my values and purpose in pursuing art.  As an artist, I have found that my passion lies in connecting with the hearts of others– this subscription allows me to intentionally pursue that connection within art.  

AHD: You mention that you will invite subscribers into the creative process. What does that look like? What are you hoping subscribers will get out of this new service? 

MR: This ultimately depends on the buyer as much as it does the artist.  As I engage with my subscribers, I will be asking questions with the hopes of engaging their heart in the process.  I have often found that hearing from the hearts of others is the greatest inspiration for my art and ultimately what stirs me towards the creative process.  As they respond, I will be listening intently with brush in hand, hoping to meet and encourage their hearts through their subscription.  My hope is that in the end, they will not be receiving just a beautiful painting, but rather a painting in which they have participated in and felt engaged throughout the process. My hope is to paint in such a way as to meet their hearts.

AHD: Are you anticipating allowing subscribers to participate in future series? Have you given thought into what that series will be? How does one sign up for a subscription?


MR: I would love to continue this process in the future.  Ideally, this would become a rotation where I do two series a year.  Drawing the series out over 6 months allows for a lot of flexibility and time to prepare for the next series ahead.  By the end, I imagine I will be fully ready to start a new series.

While I have given some thought as to what the next series will be, I think hearing from subscribers throughout this next series will greatly influence the direction for the following series.  My goal would be to launch that series in January 2018 and therefore open up sign ups on my website for the subscription in December 2017.  In signing up for the subscription, one will be asked a few questions preparing both my heart and theirs for the months ahead.

 AHD: You are currently wrapping up a fellowship at the Village Church. How has this experience impacted your creative process? 

MR: Having been in this program for 9 months now, I can confidently say that this has been one of the greatest influences on my career thus far.  I began my time in this program not really understanding myself or my business as an artist.  Though I knew I enjoyed art and hoped to pursue this as a career, there were still a lot of uncertainties that come with starting your own business and learning to own who you are within that business.  The simple gift of space, time, and mentorship allowed me to develop a business model that reflected an understanding of my passions within art.  I believe that we are each missionaries for whatever has captured our heart.  It is through the art fellowship I have come to grasp this gift and better discern how to use this for the glory of God. 


AHD: What was the greatest challenge you faced during your fellowship? What was your most profound discovery?

MR: This was my first job experience where I was truly my own boss (in the sense that it was up to me to decide where to take the gift of this fellowship as it pertains to my business).  The greatest challenge facing me from the start was this– and I began my time unsure of what to do exactly.  Learning to manage my time wisely with the growth of my business in mind has been both testing and refining.  Learning to do this within the scope of my values and purpose as an artist has been profound.  

AHD: What can we look forward to in the future?

MR: As an artist, I hope to be ever growing and learning in order to better serve you.  In the next few months, I will begin my first 6-month subscription series called, Here I Lay, based on beholding God. You can find out more information here on how to become a subscriber.  Sign ups are now open through June 15th.  I have limited spots available, so be sure to sign up while you can!

For more info, follow Mandy's artistic journey: Mandy Rogers ArtFacebookTwitter, Instagram.