Guy Delcambre | Author & Poet

I stumbled into an Art House pub gathering. They immediately gave me a seat at the table with other creatives and that’s where I found affirmation for the first time.
— Guy Delcambre, Author & Poet

Guy Delcambre began the journey of a writer, as most do, practicing in solitude in search of place and identity. It was the experience of grief that provided him an opportunity to heal by writing his way through. In his book, Earth and Sky, he writes, “Healing is a process that begins with hurting. If you never fully hurt, you never fully heal.” It was during the writing of this book that Guy found a community in Art House Dallas to support him along the way.

Now a leader and mentor in the Art House Dallas community, Guy helps others to both recognize the power of beauty and the capacity for transformation that beauty brings. Through Art House Dallas Guy has found a place to belong and encouragement to see his writing as a meaningful and life-giving endeavor.

Creatives like Guy are the reason that Art House Dallas exists. His story captures the importance of pouring into and caring for the creative gifts in all of us. If you believe in the Art House Dallas vision to cultivate creativity for the common good or have benefited from the community, please consider making a tax-deductible donation this North Texas Giving Day. Donations can be scheduled beginning on September 10th.